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Mission & Vision

Muslims take Halal and Haram into great consideration because they are part of the basic principles of Islam.

Consuming Haram food is a sin Muslims must avoid any way possible because it may avoid them to enter heaven.

In old days when things are less complicated, it was not difficult to tell Halal or Haram. In a complicated age like today, however, someone need to observe Halal state in order for people to make a easier living.

JHF monitors and certifies food products complied with Islamic Law and standards in a professional and internationally recognized manner.

All certified products fulfill all requirements set by JHF.

This standard defines the basic requirements that should be followed before, during and after food production including receiving, preparation, processing, sorting, determination, packaging, labeling, marking, controlling, handling, transportation, distribution, storage, and services of Halal food and its products based on Islamic Rules.

All requirement of this standard are intended to be applicable to all organizations in the food chain regardless of size and complexity. This includes organizations directly involved in one or more steps of the food chain.